6 Sep

Summer’s almost gone, as Mr. Mojo Risin’ once intoned, and I’ve been thinking about salvation. Surely just like you, I’ve spent the summer thinking about a lot of things, salvation not the least of them. Bills, pills, shills – even Lofgren, Nils. They all mean different things to different people … and again, salvation not the least of them.

So it was a rough summer – not necessarily dramatic, but difficult; not necessarily stoned, but beautiful. And when it’s like that – and it’s always like that – I turn to the blessed sacrament of rock and roll.


Above you’ll find a rough approximation of the sounds of salvation as I hear them (and if you’re wondering, I tried to make the preceding statement as pompous as possible, but that’s the best I could do). Enjoy? Tracklist below.


  • The renovation of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts was completed and it’s killer. Next time you’re rolling fast down I-95 – supersonic, overdrive – you should stop by.

  • There was a Black Sabbath DVD celebrating “Paranoid,” there was a giant Touch & Go book celebrating the artistic contributions of one Tesco Vee, there was a new issue of “Ugly Things,” there was an opportunity to see Altar of Plagues – all the way from Ireland – demolish eardrums in a tiny bar in Richmond.
  • I spent a day in Manhattan and saw a friend of 14 years. I got a book about Arthur Lee (“Forever Changes” by John Einarson) and a book by the singer of the New Bomb Turks (“We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001” by Eric Davidson. I didn’t have to go to Manhattan to get these books, but that’s where I got them. I got a big cup of juice at Papaya King, had “Rocket to Russia” flowing through the earbuds and walked right by “Handsome” Dick Manitoba, crossing the street with his wife and kid. I got my sons ridiculous Marvel comics patches for their bookbags.
  • I continued to be married to my favorite girl in the world and spent time with our two boys. We saw mountains, went for country drives, climbed waterfalls, played mini-golf, swam in lakes and made plans for the future.
  • Oh – and there was a lot of music. I do heartily endorse the following ten albums that were in heavy rotation this summer (in no particular order):
  1. SOUVENIR’S YOUNG AMERICA – “The Name of the Snake”
  3. VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Fire in My Bones: Raw + Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel, 1944-2007”
  4. MOUNTAIN MAN – “Made the Harbor”
  5. LOS SAICOS – “!Demolicion! The Complete Recordings”
  6. HELICON – “Take the Ride” EP
  7. TAME IMPALA – “Innerspeaker”
  8. SUN ARAW – “On Patrol”
  10. THOU – “Summit”

… and tied for eleventh place: the new Iron Maiden album and the “Ice Station” EP from Screen Vinyl Image.

REVOLT OF THE MIX, VOL. 1: Ofo, The Black Company – “Egwu Aja” … Woven Bones – “Your Way With My Life” … Magic Wands – “Black Magic” … The Black Angels – “Bad Vibrations” … Burial – “UK” … Indian Jewelry – “Oceans” … The Zeroes – “Work All Day (Sleep All Night)” … Isherwood – “Willy the Weeper” … The Entrance Band – “Lookout!” … Greg Proops – “All You Need Is Tug” … Orchid – “Son of Misery” … The Plague – “The Face of Time” … Harlem – “Beautiful & Very Smart” … The Camp North Star Kids Choir – “Are You Ready for the Summer?” … Samhain – “Let the Day Begin” … Dennis Coffey – “Theme from Black Belt Jones” … Prince Rama – “Storm Worship” … Darker My Love – “Dear Author” … The Asteroid #4 – “Wicked Wire” … The Meek – “I Love You” … Spindrift – “Beauty” … Fred Lloyd – “Kissed Him” … Judas Priest – “Diamonds & Rust” … Electrelane – “After the Call” … The Master’s Apprentices – “War or Hands of Time” … City Center – “Box of Rain.”


3 Responses to “I CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL SUMMER (YEAH!)”

  1. Justin September 8, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    Cool man thanks for the music. Just to let you know, the song you used by the meek is not ‘you’. it’s ‘i love you’.

  2. Gary September 16, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Summer may have almost gone for some… but it never came for others (i.e. Scotland, brrr).

    Thanks for the endorsement.

    All the very best.

    Gary / Helicon


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    […] The sound of The Meek, of course, also has a not insubstantial impact on our infatuation. Case in point: According to our iTunes statistics, we imported a four song promo CD from The Meek between 3:21 and 3:22 AM on April 24, 2010 (day one of Austin Psych Fest 3) and since that time, each song has been played a staggering (and potentially embarrassing) fifty-one times. That figure does not, however, include the countless spins on the car stereo, the de rigueur inclusion in any DJ sets we’ve engaged in over the past year, or even the presence of The Meek on mixes featured on this site. […]

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