23 Sep

How much do you really want to read about a show that already happened? Is there really a point to live show reviews? In the best case scenario, doesn’t it come down to, “”I was there, it was rad, end of story.”?

Certainly there are some that manage to do it better than others. But I’d count myself among the others.

But this much is worth noting: Mondo Drag came to town (Richmond, VA) this past Monday evening and proceeded to lay waste to eardrums, expectations and sanity.

Mondo Drag - Space Rituals

Mighty, mighty Mondo Drag

Both longtime readers of this blog will recall how enamored I am of their debut album, “New Rituals” – and I think those songs sound even better live. Most impressive about seeing them recently, however, were the new songs they played. I always wondered what would happen in Phil Lynott had joined Tangerine Dream – now I have something that approximates an answer. Undoubtedly, the next album from Mondo Drag will be mondo rad.

Main Street Gospel preach the word ...

It wouldn’t be fair to not make mention of the opening set by Ohio’s Main Street Gospel. Instantly engaging hooks, fuzzed out guitars and and a nervous,  rowdy-powder-and-resin-charged posture. Definitely a band to put on your radar.

Closing out the Monday evening festivities were The Diamond Center, a Richmond-based-but-Georgia-born band of indeterminate number (on this night, I think there were five of them … maybe six), dishing out a delicious helping of freaky, fuzzy, folky-psych. Check ’em out!

The Diamond Center journey to the center of your mind ...



  1. Mr. Atavist September 29, 2010 at 7:35 am #

    That was a great show … thanks for the pix since I was unprepared …


  1. BEYOND BEYOND IS … BOOGALOO! « Revolt of the Apes - January 12, 2012

    […] of no less than six bands previously praised on these pathetic web-pages? Herbcraft, Mondo Drag, Main Street Gospel, Hopewell, Jeffertitti’s Nile and the Brooklyn Raga Association – there all here. […]

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