3 Oct

Gull is from Richmond. At the risk of slight hyperbole, this makes Richmond the greatest city on the face of the earth, improved only by the prospect of artists, mystics and weirdos flocking to our fair city like nothing so much as the human equivalent of las golondrinas returning to Capistrano, filling the streets with wisdom, light and gently-used Deep Purple albums.

So … slight hyperbole.

Gull rules, ok?

But Gull is from Richmond, and the picture you see above is one that I saw first on the great RVA institution known as – your one stop shop for the best show picks in the city, with side orders of both civic pride and teeth-gnashing lunacy. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in the undeniable Eden that is Richmond, or simply find yourself in need of entertainment options as you’re rolling fast down I-95 (supersonic, overdrive), you could do worse than making a regular stop.

Dispensing with the hyperbole for a moment, let’s move on to damning with faint praise: with the possible exception of Dr. Demento, I have simply never bonded so instantly with a radio show as I have with “Sunrise Ocean Bender,” another wonder of awesomeness that contributes to the Richmond-ness of Richmond.

I could tell you that your host – the enigma wrapped up in a riddle, then deep fried, that is Mr. Atavist – takes listeners up, up and away, perhaps in a beautiful balloon, perhaps sitting in a tin can, far above sets world, setting sail “every Friday morning, 3 – 6 a.m. on Richmond’s WRIR, to find something for your ears, and something for your head … from psych to prog to pop and whatever tributary we can find on the way.”

Or I could just tell you that any radio show that in unafraid to drop some classic Gene Wilder dialogue before blasting into a modern classic by The Asteroid #4 will have my undivided attention. Even better, you needn’t be in the River City to experience Mr. Atavist pull up the El Camino and play some music for the holy ghost. You’ll find both playlists and podcasts right here. Do yourself a favor and jump right in to this ocean.


2 Responses to “GULL IS FROM RICHMOND”

  1. Mr. Atavist October 3, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Wow … heady praise indeed! You just set my bar very high … hope I don’t let you down. Very, very appreciated … and I love hyperbole …


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