10 Oct

Of course Hopewell should be the inaugural “Revolt of the Apes” band of the week. Of course, they are awesome.

Of course, it was just back in the summer of 2009 that I picked up their great album, “Good, Good Desperation” at Other Music in NYC, based solely on the name and the cover art. Of course, you should never do that – or maybe you should only do that. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised.

Feeling blue? Hopewell may be for you ...

Of course, Hopewell is also the name of a town very close to the “Revolt of the Apes” underground headquarters outside of Richmond, Virginia. Of course, it is the town where I once saw L.A. Guns play in a roller rink. Of course, I would rather be able to say that I have seen Hopewell play in a roller rink in Hopewell, Virginia, but of course that hasn’t happened yet. Of course, we should all work to make that happen.

Of course, until then, I will bide my time in anxious, elated anticipation of the forthcoming document of the band performing live, with the 11.02.10 release of “Hopewell Live (Vol. 1).” Of course, I will expect to hear the band spreading their wings (musically speaking, of course – despite the otherworldly tendencies, all research indicates that all members of Hopwell are, in fact, human) and delivering a headphone-optimized trip into the outer reaches of space, sound and crazy, crazy bongo drums. Of course, there may be a Jane’s Addiction cover as well.

Of course, I’m happy to share this 9+ minute song from the forthcoming “Hopewell Live (Vol. 1).” Of course, it’s called “Of Course.”




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