14 Oct

At the risk of becoming a shill for Sound Screen Design (there are worse fates), I present to you another gorgeously designed book released upon the world. “The Joshua Light Show” – the latest in the “Artist Music Journals” series – is a fast, fun and fascinating look at the legendary psychedelic swirl SWAT team. Freak out, friends.


Out of focus? Appropriate for the mighty Blue Cheer ...


Check out this interview from 2007 with Joshua White, nerve-center of  “The Joshua Light Show” (and one-time “Seinfeld” director).

“And I sat in the back and called the lights. In those days calling the lights was basically going from red to amber to red-amber and back to red again. There was no real lighting; it was just a glow. But I had to do it for eight performances and watch The Dead and The Airplane play and at the same time stare at the San Francisco light show. And I was just transformed. I said, “I love the music and I need to do these light shows – I need to do that light show specifically.”


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