31 Oct

There are only three groups we can reasonably expect to not enjoy Halloween: fundamentalists, nutritionists and those who have had a co-dependent relationship with a Pumpkin. There is no evidence that members of THE CULT OF DOM KELLER fall into any of these categories.

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Just what category do these UK-based mind-melters fall in to? Easy categorization eludes us, as it should. But on this Halloween, we want to salute a band that will help us – for lack of a more ridiculous phrase – get our creep on. The Cult of Dom Keller can help us there, not garishly but not quite subtly, either.

Mysteriously? Perhaps. They are the kind of band that allow us to reflect on the fact that both Black Sabbath and Spacemen 3 hailed from the same mighty island, and the tradition of channeling those weird, foggy mysteries of Albion directly through the magic of electric amplification shows no signs of dying. The cult is alive, fer’ sure, as evidenced by the debut EP – “EP1” – from the Dom Keller cult.

Maybe it’s just the Halloween spirit talking. Maybe. But these are the voices we hear when The Cult of Dom Keller start speaking in distorted sound waves, and we’re going to keep listening.

Stream the entire “EP1” by The Cult of Dom Keller here, courtesy of Apollo Audio.

(Speaking of Albion … and yes, I have been reading Rob Young’s amazing and enlightening book, “Electric Eden,” thanks for asking … have you seen THIS?!? Super rad. It almost makes me want to play a video game. Almost!)

Happy Halloween!

KING DIAMOND – “Halloween”

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  1. Syd Barret's Octopus November 4, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    I think I’ve discovered my new favourite band. Thanks! x


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