3 Dec

Just a quick update to note the concern that we here at Revolt of the Apes headquarters have about all the unnecessary typing you have to do to find us. Yuck! We prefer telekinesis …

But until that day comes, you can now find us at our easy-to-remember web address:

Certainly, you’ll need a moment to come down from the rush of this monumental announcement. We suggest this sampling of killer videos from Revolt of the Apes friends old, new and non-existent to get you through your Friday with maximum grace. Enjoy!

A spectacular song by the lovely and talented Ms. Rachel Goldstar (All in the Golden Afternoon, Experimental Aircraft), coupled with the absolutely gorgeous visuals provided courtesy of Rachel Staggs (with assistance from Carlos Jackson, Sarah Schindler and Chris Catalena), is guaranteed to have you dreaming of escaping … or returning to the fold. The choice is yours.

The three rock ‘n roll radio witches that are the three-headed beast known as Purple Rhinestone Eagle are here to deliver what is, arguably, the greatest artistic achievement of the 21st century. Arguably. Pretty much the reason to live, right here.

Original Saint Vitus drummer Armando Acosta passed away sadly and suddenly on Thanksgiving day. Let’s give thanks for the thunder he brought to this world, with this classic clip from Saint Vitus, circa 1986.

The incomparable Naam give you eleven minutes of fuzzed out bliss, amplified through the afterlife.

Meanwhile, on another planet entirely, Os Ovni see “Something In the Sky,” with an able assist from the loopy VidKidz crew.

And taking us on through the night … no, not Def Leppard, but Amon Duul II. Remember: the stars have you surrounded. Give in!


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