28 Dec


Download “Revolt of the Mix: Volume II” (One file – one hour, eighteen minutes and thirty seconds – 148MB)


AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR – “Flying Mountain” … SISTERS OF YOUR SUNSHINE VAPOR – “Lord Is My Gun” … MAIN STREET GOSPEL – “Love Will Have Her Revenge” … WOODS – “Death Rattles” … MELODY – “Steppin’ Stone” … ANANDA SHANKAR – “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” … PLANET CREATURE – “Loaded” … THE BEATLES – “Dig It!” … REVOLVERS – “Apocalypse Surfin'” … SUCK – “Elegy” … AMON DUUL II – “Fly United” … DUNCAN LAMONT – “The Journey” … IGGY & THE STOOGES – “Gimme Danger (Live)” … WOLF PEOPLE – “Banks of Sweet Dundee Part I” … TYCHO – “Brother” … MANAKINS – “Premonition” … JAH STITCH – “Black Harmony Killer” … LOW – “California (Live)” … THE BLUE ANGEL LOUNGE – “Die Away As One In Time” … THE LOW ENDZ – “Easy Rider” … THE BEATLES – “Her Majesty” … BLACK SABBATH – “Planet Caravan” … RAMONES – “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” … YUSUF ISLAM – “The Wind” … WHITE NOISE SOUND – “Sunset” … THE OUTCASTS – “1523 Blair”


Again … enjoy! Until next time, we’ll remain in the “Revolt of the Apes” sonic kitchen, wearing a Pac-Man robe (of course!) and cooking up some more treats. Spread the word!


“So in the same way Einstein’s relativity theories–the curvature of the propogation of light, the idea that time gets older as light moves away from a source. In other words, people looking at the world now on Mars, they would be seeing the state of the world a little earlier than we are now experiencing it. That began to bother people when Einstein started talking about that. But now we’re all used to it, and relativity and things like that are a matter of common sense today. Well, in a few years, it will be a matter of commons sense to many people that they’re one with the universe. It’ll be so simple. And then maybe if that happens, we shall be in a position to handle our technology with more sense – with love instead of with hate for our environment.”

Alan Watts, “The Nature of Consciousness”


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