30 Jan


“Fear has its use, but cowardice has none,” said Mahatma Gandhi, who unfortunately went ahead and died before he could hear OVER-GAIN OPTIMAL DEATH.

Coincidentally, conveniently or crazily originating from the same haunted lands (Pasadena, California) where Jack Parsons exploded inner and outer space (and ultimately, himself), OGOD are the new masters of controlled riff-science experimentation.

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Their ceaseless dedication to death-by-volume-based-misadventure will drop listeners with anything less than battle-hardened constitutions directly to their knees, overcome by the fear of losing their hearing, of losing their mind.

And for those left standing, the fearing for your hearing gives rise to something that inexplicably, undeniably feels a lot like comfort. Here, there is no fear; the volume levels so enveloping, so complete as to feel like an aural security blanket, capable of delivering to the listener the feeling of being enthroned in an impenetrable temple of solitude. Far from being limited by their volume, OGOD transport the parameters to a place of infinite possibility, as limitless as the paths through the cosmic void.

And there is never the fear of the volume ending, of the drums being beaten with anything less than a furious anger, of the OGOD priests emerging cross-legged and smiling, mellowing out with a tender rendition of a Buffy Sainte-Marie song (though for the record, should the above scenario ever come to pass, I’m totally on board).

Have no fear: OGOD is here. Fear for your lives: OGOD has arrived.

Listen: the fact is that currently, I fear you will only find an official collection of OGOD sounds on cassette, a cassette (“Beheaded Aural Execution”) that has been terrifying my one, lonely cassette playing option since it arrived. And that cassette playing option inside the Revolt of the Apes headquarters hasn’t evolved to the point of me being able to rip an MP3 from the tape (I know it’s not complex – but I also know I’m lazy enough to probably never get that going). So you’re just going to have to track down a copy for yourself.

No – I mean, you are just going to HAVE to track down a copy for yourself.

In the meantime, blow your mind in the OGOD video void.

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“Solitude is a way to defend the spirit against the murderous din of our materialism.”
Thomas Merton, O.C.S.O. (not O.G.O.D).




  1. Frenchie Smith Records February 4, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    The Hawkwind tribute is rad! I love stopping by to find new discoveries!

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