27 Feb

RIVER SPIRIT DRAGON have this to say about their music:

“Recorded in the moment. Slow building, always moving.”

Yes. Absolutely.

Listen: River Spirit Dragon are offering their 2 song album (44+ minutes of music “recorded in the moment. Slow building, always moving,” we remind you) for just $4. Or if you’re insane, you can get the cassette. Either way, don’t hesitate.

But I hesitate to post an entire track from a two track album. So I give you this …

Download 9 minutes of “Blue Dream” by River Spirit Dragon, Mixed with Some Other Stuff (30 minutes total)

“Blue Dream” by RIVER SPIRIT DRAGON + “Rain” by MARBLE SHEEP + “Dragonfly” by THE PURPLE MINDS OF LAZERON + “Enjoy Yourself” by DRAGONFLY

But if you’re not into that, get into this. And if you’re not into this … I don’t know what to tell you.


ZAZA have been blowing minds left right and center, freaking you out with the electrified nighttime vibe, dense and weird, dance-y and wild. “Distance Creator,” a track from their forthcoming LP, not only has our expectations primed, but also has us contemplating painting a ZAZA mural on a bedroom wall. That means it’s awesome. Hypnotic. I bet this sounds like a five-dimension disco funeral live.

Download “Distance Creator” direct from ZAZASOUND.COM

“Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.” – Isaac “Bash-’em” Bashevis “Rock ‘n Roll” Singer


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