26 May

Always on the cutting edge, Revolt of the Apes recently discovered an obscure, blues-influenced rock and roll band fronted by a wildly engaging singer – a singer with the guts and attitude to declare, “I KNOW – it’s only rock and roll … but I LIKE it!” You’ve gotta hear this band! They’ve been around forever.

Maybe the above isn’t true but here’s what is true: People are discovering rock and roll all the time – only rock and roll, perhaps, but they like it. And so do we. Which is why we’re enthused when others facilitate this endless discovery.

Case in point: Bang Bang Boogaloo Records, a new label out of NYC that also knows it’s only rock and roll, but they also like it – in fact, we’re willing to bet they love it. Because they have a new compilation called “New York Rock and Roll 1” featuring eleven songs from eleven NYC-based bands … and the whole thing is available to download for free.

Download – or stream – all eleven tracks from “New York Rock and Roll 1” on Bang Bang Boogaloo right here.

Our attention was immediately drawn to the appearance of two-time APF participants The Golden Animals, who famously met on the streets of Brooklyn before eventually moving to the third ring of Saturn. Apparently, they’re back in New York now – and while it’s not a new track, it’s never too late to walk with the Animals, whether in Brooklyn, California, Saturn, a setting moon or a lead balloon.


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