21 Jun

It seems effortless, the way in which the slow, sinister sounds of Häshcut manage to fulfill the singular mission of achieving sonic submission.


“Dubbing House,” the first track from their recent demo, sets the tone – and that tone is an eerie drone, just a couple of tension building minutes. And at the end of that moment, the band cuts the cord and gives birth to a riff for the ages, the kind of riff that serves as a universal, trance-inducing mantra of menace, familiar to any among the tribe – the tribe that considers experimenting with playing “Lord of This World” at half-speed a soul-cleansing ritual.

Download “Dubbing House” by Häshcut

And then – something happens. Something small. Something that we believe may speak volumes about Häshcut: they take a break.

Actually, just the riff and the chanting, delay-drenched vocals take the break, leaving the listener to commune with the crashing cymbals and a brief wash of synth. It lasts about three, maybe four seconds, tops. We’re relatively certain we could live in that space.

Listen: Häshcut are among the always-welcome breed of band willing to undertake the search for the sound of confusion, while still genuflecting before a hazy, electric throne. It’s a combination these Apes can’t resist – and we will exert no effort trying.

Sonic submission can be yours at the Häshcut site on Bandcamp – free four-song demo download.

“The separation of science from spirituality was necessary – necessary in order that science could develop to the point it has today. Science is like a child who had to leave his home town for a few years, in order to develop into an adult. Once an adult, he can return home happily. Science is now mature. Science can return home now and takes its place with the rest of human experience. It is in the process of doing so. We can help it along.” – Ben Goertzel


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