14 Sep

At the menacing intersection where ghosts, oddity, and blood-caked drum machines collide, there stands MUTWAWA.


Or so it would seem. We don’t know exactly where – or even if – this ridiculous intersection might exist. We believe it to be somewhere within the confines of our fair city of Richmond, VA, which has a history of supplying its residents and the world at large with ghosts, oddity and a fair amount of noise-making instruments covered in blood.

Download “World_War_3-D” by MUTWAWA.

And while we have no qualms with drawing the connection between the music made by MUTWAWA – especially that offered on the flawless bit of freakery known as the “Mayan Mutations” cassette, available to you as a free download – and bloody-beat weirdness, we’re fairly certain they can’t be constrained to just Richmond. Not merely because we know that at least half of this two-headed dog spends plenty of time in Bermuda, but because we hear the music of MUTWAWA as impossibly expansive, a heart-hiccuping hex that expands to the realms of the international and inter-dimensional.

“Our present addiction to pollsters and forecasters is a symptom of our chronic uncertainty about the future… We watch our experts read the entrails of statistical tables and graphs the way the ancients watched their soothsayers read the entrails of a chicken.” – Eric “Hot Stuff” Hoffer



  1. Kathleen NumbaoneBermudatrianglesfan September 14, 2011 at 11:16 pm #

    fuck yah!

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