17 Nov

The written word is our paramour … or something. We like to read. And we don’t pay too much mind to what Mr. Araya has to say.

But listen: one thing we got massive reading enjoyment out of recently is the third issue of the U.K. ‘zine, Optical Sounds.


What’s so great about Optical Sounds? Is it the brilliant, long and interesting interviews with head-spinningly heavy bands like Onieda, Eternal Tapestry, The Great Society Mind Destroyers, Hook Worms, Cosmic Dead, Moon Duo, The Heads, White Hills, an Austin Psych Fest summation from The Fooookin’ Cult of Dom Keller, and so, so much more?


Is it also the inclusion of some interview content – including the likes of The Black Angels, The Night Beats and MMoss – that originally appeared on the revolting, ape-based website you’re currently reading?

C’mon – we’re not made of stone. Of course we love that.

But more than that, isn’t it the fact that Optical Sounds is an offset-printed, black and white, tiny-fonts and gluestick-based time-trip back to our fanzine-making adolescent years, when our heads and hearts were filled with malicious thoughts like, “How can I better scam the fuck out of Kinko’s?”

Of course it is.

But you know what we might love most of all? It goes back to those written words – and the ones in Optical Sounds are written with care, knowledge, humor and – perhaps most important of all, and perhaps a trait we could bare to see more of – ENTHUSIASM.

We enthusiastically recommend Optical Sounds.

Download “Optical Sound” by The Human Expression


2 Responses to “OPTICAL SOUNDS”

  1. Lazarus November 18, 2011 at 3:39 am #

    I have been very lucky to have been involved in creating some articles for inclusion in this fantastic fanzine. Its the most beautifully presented, informative and down-right groovy collection of musical reading i’ve ever ready! Dave does a fantastic job and should be applauded for the love and devoltion he puts into it!

    You’re life will be better for reading it…


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    […] of admission, and that’s only the tip of the really, really awesome iceberg. We offered our psychedelic propers to “Optical Sounds” in the not too distant past, but it bears repeating when […]

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