21 Dec

“Bulbul Tarang” sing The Graceful Slicks at the start of a slithering musical painkiller named (luckily, thankfully) “Bulbul Tarang.”

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The song – one of three the Oxford, UK-based group makes available for free download – sees it’s opening (more than a minute of vibe-setting guitar that we wouldn’t be bothered to hear go on for an hour or more) float majestically into its verse, before gliding with ease into the chorus, before drifting back to where we started before we even realize we were gone – and for how long, nobody knows. And we are gone.

Download “Bulbul Tarang” by The Graceful Slicks

The whole thing comes across as an easy classic and, truth be told, it’s both graceful and slick (“slick” as in “ace,” rather than as in “over considered”). So no wonder then that we’re compelled to keep our third eye focused on this band’s journey, whether they should move slowly or move three-fifths of a mile in ten seconds.

In fact, if there’s one area wherein we are slightly conflicted about The Graceful Slicks it’s the fact that their very name insists and demands that our minds wander to thoughts of the Queen of Contralto, the Chrome Nun herself.

But listen: we’ve not adequately prepared for a lengthy dissertation on Ms. Slick – not her life, not her art, not her psychic connection to Jack Casady’s headband. We’ve not adequately prepared for much beyond telling you that The Graceful Slicks  are well worth your time. In light of this, we’ll live to revolt another day.

But until that time, can’t we take time out to enjoy a song from an album with a naked movie star on its cover? Can’t we enjoy our absolute favorite song about cannibalism? ‘Tis the season!

Download “Silver Spoon” by Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, from the album, “Sunfighter”

“This age group that I’m now part of is a peculiarly conservative group, unwilling or unable to jump out of its own self-inflicted rigidity. We run companies, dress acceptably, and pander to our children’s concepts of who they want us to be. We’re chattel who’ve crawled back into the brittle dialectic handed down by our parents.” – Grace Slick, “Somebody to Love?”


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