4 Mar

There’s no real need to focus your vision too tightly when surrounded by Dark Fog. You won’t be able to see things with greater clarity, or make better sense of the sounds that surround – though some would say expecting, not to mention seeking, anything approaching clarity from an intense, appropriately bombastic sonic daisy-cutter called “Drug Portal: Heavy Dilemma” would be a fool’s errand.

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Color us foggy-fools, then. We’ve long believed in the possibility of obtaining clarity – or something as near as our ape brain can tell – through song. Songs created out of heavy dilemmas. Songs created out of devotion. Songs created out of exploration, medication and amplification. Songs created underneath the neon and inside the Dark Fog.

Knock and ye shall find, and knocking upon the door of this portal finds us happily foggy-brained.

Download “Flash” by Dark Fog from “Drug Portal: Heavy Dilemma”

Consider the sci-fi swagger offered on “Flash,” ooo’s-and-ahh’s aplenty set atop a sound that swings like a sick, psychic, souped-up pendulum, the guitar attack built upon portal-only pedals pegging the “Ming the Merciless“-knob to ten, apparently.

Or so it would seem. We may have had our eyes closed while having our mind blown (appropriate when considering the band’s Chicago locale). We can’t imagine enjoying the fourteen and a half minutes of “Drug Portal” centerpiece “Sky Opening 1000 Times/Slowburn” any other way.

We cannot and will not make a medicinal recommendation* to accompany your journey through the “Drug Portal” – the “Heavy Dilemma,” not unlike the album cover itself, can be a frightening affair. But we highly recommend the benefits of taking the time to turn off your mind, relax and float through the fog.

“Like the savage, let us look at the leaf wet or shining with sun, or white with fear of the storm, or silvery in the fog, or listless in too great heat, or falling in autumn, dying, reborn each year anew. Learn from the leaf: simplicity. In spite of all we know about the leaf: its nerve structure phyllome cellular papilla parenchyma stomata venation. Keep a human relation — leaf, man, woman, child. In tenderness. No matter how immense the world, how elaborate, how contradictory, there is always man, woman, child, and the leaf. Humanity makes everything warm and simple. Humanity…” ― Anaïs Nin, “Children Of The Albatross

* We will, however, dissuade any and all from choosing to follow our lead and imbibe the drink below when surrounded by Dark Fog.


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