22 Apr

Sometimes, no explanation is necessary. Sometimes, no explanation is possible. With that, we pass the mic to Sexy WaterSpiders

Hello, Fellow Sapiens.

We are SexyWaterSpiders, keepers of t∞e The Book of Holysexyness. Behold! The Holysexyness cannot be seen! Our accompaniment consists of his Sexcellency, The Parsley Phoenix, Sir Mongoose Thompson & China Starshine (Shine, for short).

SexyWaterSpiders have set out on their JESUSAUSAGE 2012 Tour across greater Northern America to share the Neon Gospel and spread the Cheeez throughout this land.

As for your questions…

“Water spiders” are the only spiders that live their entire lives underwater. Do you feel like you live your life in an atmosphere that differs greatly from other humans? How does it differ? Do you, in fact, feel like a water spider? Is it the “spiders” that are sexy, or is the “water” that’s most sexy in the mind of SexyWaterSpiders? Both? Neither?

Wet is sexy, sexy is wet. Light dancing on water is sexy. Like spiders, we are weaving a web of waves and sounds. That is where SexyWaterSpiders play, where the light meets the water. Our world is but a reflection of our own Selves. How you see yourself is how you see the world. We drip from the Nipple Root.

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Do you feel your preferences in music conflict with the world you see around you? Meaning, do you ever feel out-of-step with what you enjoy and/or want to express musically versus what you largely see enjoyed and expressed? What is the emotion you seek most in music? Can you site an example of a song that transmits that emotion for you?

We are like water in oil. SexyWaterSpiders have the entire universe inside their cloaks. A good example of this feeling would be the song, “99 Cents”: “I’m talkin’ everything, everything, everything is na-na-nonsense.” Healing frequencies and love vibrations.

Alice Cooper spun his web with The Spiders in his younger years, and today remains legendary perhaps primarily for his legendary live performances. Do you think of SexyWaterSpiders primarily as a live band? What makes for a good live performance in your mind? What do you wish to see when you watch other bands perform?

We like buttons. SexyWaterSpiders will sacrifice a sitar in the psychedelic parking lot at this years Psych Fest! Live music will always have an energy that can never fully be captured or properly described. SexyWaterSpiders like to hear some more crunchy, earth-turd guitar tones, Arabic double-reeded midgwidges. Earthworm-charming is a big thing in the back woods of Oregon. We’d like to hear more peanut butter vocals, and throat-singing with a hint of cross-eyed renaissance elderberry winemouth.

What can you tell us about the origin of the song “Spirit of the White Wolf”? How do youth spirit of the white wolf, and is it embodied more by the late Wolfman Jack or by the very alive White Hills, or equally by both? Is the “Spirit of the White Wolf” related to “Vision of the Mayfly”?

Spirit of the White Wolf … Jim, GM, King James, Jimi, Jimmy, James … we are each of us Native American Engines. Nimbus, the white wolf one-eyed wonder of Yachatz, OR. Long story short, the mayfly circles the anus of the white wolf , preparing for the release of the turd. The buzzing of the mayfly wings provides the perfect soundtrack for a successful bowel movement.

We’ve read that your origins extend back to hearing simultaneous godlike voices that proclaimed, “sexy. music. sexy. money.” What compelled you to turn those voices into a band? We adhere to the spirit of The Monkees, whose apartment wall-hang famously read, “Money is the Root of All Evil.” Do you honestly feel spiritually fortified enough to open yourself up to a world where The Monkees were wrong about something? What else were The Monkees wrong about? When they make the slightly fictionalized film version of SexyWaterSpiders, what will it be called and who will star?

First of all: Poop = $$$ = Poop. Second: “Sexy music, sexy money” is an anonymous write-up that we found online. SexyWaterSpiders never claims to have heard any such voices. We are but conduits for the BIG CHEEEZ, which has channeled us through the void. The Monkees are CIA, operatives who steel your poop and feed it back to you. Everyone knows you can wipe your butt with money and still spend it. So, yes, SexyWaterSpiders is well-fortified with many nutrients and multivitamins.

“SexyWaterSpiders From Mars Attack!” Starring Kim Jarey as The Parsley Phoenix, Denicio Tel Boro as Mongoose Thompson, and Tephen Styler as China Starshine.

The song “Spirit Dome” sounds like it was recorded inside a … spirit dome. Or perhaps a planetarium? The spaced-out spirit is intense, but there seems to be a science to it, because it sounds so good. How to your balance the spontaneity of SexyWaterSpiders with the desire to make music that sounds like hours and hours of work and layers and layers of sexy, watery, spidery sounds? Or are we completely off base? Apologies if everything you do is right off the top of your head.

“Spirit Dome” WAS recorded and mixed in a spirit dome whilst receiving a message of Alien Cheeez from the future through ancient, aztext messages. The song was there, the tracks were laid down, but the mix was channeled by multi-dimensional beings. A nine month labor, all of “Black Gold” was recorded in a sort of a sensory enhancement tank from which certain members remained for almost the whole duration. Most everything we do is totally off the top of the head or out the bottom of our butts, but as far as SexyWaterSpiders’ productions and record releases go, we like to put a little more thought into what we are reflecting and projecting.

What music have you been listening to lately? If push comes to shove, what’s your favorite Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars song and why?

Renaissance music. Marion Belle – “Jean” … Michael Clancy  – “God is Doin’ a Nu Thang” … The Nutty Squirrels – “Uh Oh” … David Liebe Hart “The Best Dad.”

We have just reviewed this “David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust” you speak of and I think we’re all agreed: 1. Moonage Daydream, 2.Starman, 3.Soul Love.

So, uhhhh … you heard about this Austin Psych Fest? It’s so awesome.

Yes, we’ve heard rumors of Psych Fest and how incredibly psychedelic the parking lot is there. We shall soon travel to investigate just how psychedelic it really is … NOT!

Marvin Gaye – a sexy man with the apparent ability to keep on rockin’ all night long – was quoted as saying the following: “Music, not sex, got me aroused.” Your thoughts?

What’s goin’ on? We like to consider our music more tantric than psychedelic. Music has more to do with love than sex. Making love/music is like sex for the soul. But we also have a SexyWaterBed where we have our harem arouse our insights us with sensual delights.

What’s next for SexyWaterSpiders?

What’s next?

  • More delicious cheeez singles
  • Self-titled album
  • 500 labels
  • Earth Tour
  • Back to the Future

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