14 May

Naam has been on our mind for the past few years, ever since we first heard their “Kingdom” EP. So immediately, so utterly did the band’s sound, the band’s swadharma stomp the fuzzbox in our brain, however, we tend to believe that Naam has not just been on our mind but absolutely in our mind always, and it was only upon hearing them that we discovered the kingdom is inside of us … and everyone.

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If it sounds like we came not to review Naam but to praise them, we did. If it sounds like we may go overboard, effusive in our praise of what we overhear when we over-listen to Naam, we will. If it sounds like Naam is inside of you, inside of me, and inside of a group of astral-planing amplifier-addicts from New York, because we’re all one … we are.

The Ballad of the Starchild” is the recently unleashed EP from Naam, a five-song suite of everything we like to hear in our late-night/early-morning rock and/or roll musical meditations. Heavy, hopeful, haunted, distorted, disgusted, divine, vast, microscopic, personal, relatable, intergalactic, inner-self-aware and awesomely (in the words we oft-quote from “Visionary State” author Erik Davis) “surrounded by the spent fuel rockets of the spiritual counterculture.”  These words start to describe the journey, but necessarily fall short.

On “The Ballad of the Starchild,” Naam still sound like Naam, but they sound like an evolved Naam. The EP sounds like the Silver Surfer and Leigh Stephens and Jon Lord and Augustus Stanley Owlsey III and Twink and Russell from White Hills discovered a massive, life-sized copy of “Space Ritual” at the center of the universe, each sat lotus-position on one of the six Barney Bubbles-designed panels, crushed up and rolled a scratched-up copy of “Demons and Wizards,” lit it, passed it and exhaled deeply, rinse and repeat. Then someone hit the record button and thankfully, TeePee Records released the exhalation, the good, good, good vibrations.

We’d love to tell you more about it – and we’d love to give you a song from it. But we can’t – or we can, but we won’t. Because you have to hear it yourself and we’re not quite sure how you can make sense of the songs as individual tenets of the Naam faith. They belong together. They are all one and so are we. Or something. So let’s start back at the beginning and get the “Kingdom” inside of everyone.

Download “Kingdom” from the “Kingdom” EP by Naam

Just get “The Ballad of the Starchild” yesterday, get gone and get down. We’ll meet you there. And we’ll get there without ever once mentioning the Paul Stanley solo album.


“The cosmic manifestation is called ‘nature,’ but there is another nature, which is superior. The cosmic manifestation is is inferior nature, but beyond this nature, which is manifested and unmanifested, there is another nature, which is called sanatana, eternal. It is easy to understand that everything manifested here in temporary, The obvious example is our body. If one is thirty years old, thirty years ago this body was not manifested, and in another fifty years it will again be unmanifested. That is a factual law of nature. It is manifested and again annihilated, just as waves in the sea rise frequently and then recede. The materialist, however, is simply concerned with this mortal life, which can be finished at any moment. Furthermore, as this body will die, so the entire universe, this gigantic material body, will be annihilated, and whether we are fortunate or unfortunate, on this planet or another, everything will be finished. Why then are we wasting our time trying to go to a planet where everything will be finished?” – “Easy Journey to Other Planets,” by His Divine Grace and massive Ash Ra Tempel fan, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


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