15 Jun

If the apes were any less than 1,467 miles away from Austin, TX, you can be sure you would see us at this event. The Black Tabs? Chris Catalena and The Native Americans? The Wolf?


If you find yourself anything less than 1,467 miles from Austin, TX, this weekend, you should find yourself at Psychedelic Light and Sound. Odds are you’ll find yourself and find yourself odd.

Psychedelic Light and Sound is a three-person collective – Robbie D Love, Buddy Hacher, and Levi Murray (members of Deep Space) – who decided to throw our own music festival called Psychedelic Light and Sound, which is dedicated to consume, confuse, and overload the senses. Our first event will be held on Sunday, June 17, in Austin, TX, at a venue called Cheer Up Charlie’s.

There will be two stages, one inside and one outside. There will be 15 bands playing throughout the night. The entire venue will be bombarded by liquid light shows, lasers, and movie projections.

We started Psychedelic Light and Sound because we wanted to be part of something bigger in Austin & are really inspired by the guys at Reverberation Appreciation Society who throw Austin Psych Fest every year. Psychedelic Light and Sound is an excuse to get all our friends together and expose them to audiences who might not have had the chance to see these bands perform.

Psychedelic Light & Sound will continue to put on events in the future to bring more people together. We are inspired by the unknown, by the mystical spaces between the lines. Tune on, tune in, and drone on.

Also, we have assembled a mix tape of all the bands performing our event, which will be sold at the venue. People can check it out and purchase it online at

Below is the line up, set times, & venues.

9:50 The Wolf
9:10 Deep Space
8:20 Cerise
7:40 Chris Catalena and the Native Americans
7:00 Starma
6:00 John Wesley Coleman  
5:00 Ole Salt

4:00 The Shake (Happy Hour)

11:30 GAUCHE
10:30 Black Tabs
9:30  Smoking White
8:30  Dead Peasants
7:30 Lean Hounds
6:30  Viracochas
5:30  Freak the Mighty

Confirmed vendors:

-Reverberation Appreciation Society Records
-Melissa McCall Steampunk Jewelry
-Laced With Romance Vintage
-Groovy Killers On Acid
-BC Smoke Shop
-Bean Blossom Soap
-Kohana Coffee

Thank you so much for supporting us,

Psychedelic Light and Sound.


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