25 Nov

We need Spiders.

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You may not be like us. You may not need music like that made by Spiders – aggressively awesome, spectacularly speedy, frill-free rock and/or roll flying on the twin engines of riffs and restlessness. That’s ok. You take what you need. And we need Spiders.

Some background may be in order here, but it’s certainly not necessary. You don’t need much background at all to fall into the Spiders’ web. You don’t need to know that the band hails from Sweden. You don’t need to know that they’re currently touring Europe with their friends and countrymen, Graveyard. You don’t need to know that there’s an MC5 poster making a cameo appearance in this video for “Hang Man,” taken from their first full-length, “Flash Point.”

You don’t need any of this to fall in to the Spiders’ web. Like the chopper that sits at the center of the cover of “Flash Point,” the Spiders sound is loud, fast and practically impossible to resist when offered the chance to take a ride (not to mention potentially dangerous without a helmet).

We need Spiders to remind us of high times when we’re feeling low. We need Spiders to remind us of the thrills that come from blasting out nine songs in twenty-seven-and-one-half minutes.We need Spiders.

“Flash Point” is out now on Crusher Records. Original Spiders photo by Kristin Lidell.




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