6 Aug

It doesn’t seem right, somehow, that the debut full-length from Golden Void is only now celebrating its one-year anniversary of release.

 photo e9b67b4bd97d7e71d289a64e6b12c400_zps9d1bfa35.jpg

Perhaps that owes to the timeless nature of the music contained therein, which somehow managed to condense what seems like a lifetime of riffs and melodies into a single album. Or perhaps it’s due to a certain sense of familiarity baked in to the core of Golden Void’s make-up – a make-up that contains members of such longtime, fuzzed-out left-coast luminaries as Earthless and the extraordinary Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound.

Or could it be that Golden Void exist outside of linear time itself? Could it be that the answer to what makes Golden Void so awesome is that there is no answer at all? Considering that a highlight of the Golden Void debut was a track entitled “Jetsun Dolma,” it seems somehow appropriate to consider the words of the great and revered Father of Uma, who once wrote …

“… Voidness does not mean nothingness, but rather that all things lack intrinsic reality, intrinsic objectivity, intrinsic identity, or intrinsic referentiality. Once they are so thoroughly relative, there is no limit to their being creatively reshaped by enlightened beings.”

And when it comes to things being creatively reshaped, we simply couldn’t be more stoked than to share with you  the sound of Golden Void reshaping “Sickle Clowns,” originally by The Pretty Things. Enjoy.

Speaking of timelessness and creativity, it’s been far too long since we checked in with the brothers of Pontiak, whose most recent full-length album – the peerless “Echo Ono” – topped our best-of-the-year list of 2012 (a high honor, even though we officially don’t believe in such lists).

 photo f4239d353bef673aefa246a32b8ff36c_zps3e2f6924.jpg

While the Golden Void debut feels like it has lived in our skull for years, a recent endeavor of Pontiak feels like it happened only yesterday, while it’s been a full year. This past summer, Pontiak set out to record a live version of their forthcoming EP, “Heat Leisure,” filming performances in the quite literally breathtaking beauty, heat and humidity of their native Virginia, with their friends Greg Fox (Guardian Alien, Liturgy) and Steve Strohmeier (Arbourteum, Beach House) joining them. The results were mind-blowing … and now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Golden Void and Pontiak will soon hit the open road together for a string of dates listed below, culminating in Golden Void’s appearance at the ever-growing Hopscotch Music Festival.

9/1/2013 – Asheville, NC – Blackout Effectors – Pontiak, Golden Void, Nate Hall (from U.S. Christmas)
9/2/2013 – Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor – Pontiak, Golden Void
9/3/2013 – Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern – Pontiak, Golden Void
9/4/2013 – Athens, GA – Caledonia Lounge – Pontiak, Golden Void, Coltron, Freak in the Fire

9/5/2013 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter – Pontiak w/ The Diamond Center, Snacktruck
9/5/2013 – Raleigh, NC – Deep South Bar – Golden Void w/ ASG, Wichita Falls, Bitter Resolve (Hopscotch Music Festival)



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