19 Aug

White Hills are the greatest band currently walking the earth. Deal with it.

– OR –

White Hills are more than a band – they’re a way to liberation.

Were it that we believed in ranking and ordering artistic expression, we’d have no problem with prematurely declaring their just-released album, “So You Are … So You’ll Be,” to be our absolute favorite album of the year – the most awe-inspiring, the most intergalactic, the most monolithic, and certainly our favorite.

 photo bb238e9bff1c3230d40662303315f6c5_zps91c26df7.jpg

It’s not simply the consistency of White Hills’ output over the past few years – since 2009 at least, a full-length album each year (and counting), along with an ever-expanding universe of mind-blowing miscellanea – that’s so remarkable.

Rather, it’s the absolute purity of vision demonstrated by the band’s twin-engines of Dave W. (guitar) and Ego Sensation (bass), and whoever else is caught in their orbit at the time of recording. It’s a vision based on limitless possibilities, stern resolve and – no two ways about it – absolutely magickal, molten guitar playing.

It’s a vision demonstrated right there in the title of their latest, and in every second of its fifty-seven and one-half minutes of snarling space sonics. White Hills simply are what they aspire to be. They are a band like absolutely no other, and here’s to their continuing to be.

“So You Are … So You’ll Be” is out now on Thrill Jockey Records

“Life with a narrow view is suppressed and constricted; it is a struggle. There is always tension involved in it, because it takes an enormous amount of energy to keep everything in order all the time. If you have a narrow view of life, the disorder of life has to be ordered for you, so you are always busy manipulating the mind and rejecting things or holding on to them …

The spacious mind has room for everything. It is like the space in a room, which is never harmed by what goes in and out of it. In fact, we say ‘the space in this room,’ but actually, the room is in the space, the whole building is in the space. When the building has gone, the space will still be there. The space surrounds the building, and right now we are containing space in a room. With this view we can develop a new perspective. We can see that there are walls creating the shape of the room, and there is the space. Looking at it one way, the walls limit the space in the room. But looking at it another way, we see that space is limitless.”

Ajahn Sumedho, “Noticing Space”



  1. Toby Carital August 23, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    Was really fortunate to have seen them on back-to-back tours this year and couldn’t agree more with this assessment. First tour was supporting Kylesa – A brief brain-busting 25 minutes of crushing soul-control! Seeing them open for the Cult a few months later and they delivered yet another extremely powerful aural message, burning it’s way slowly though the room; a totally different experience that shook the Fillmore crowd to it’s core.


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