29 Jan

Shana Falana wants to go to Europe. These apes happen to think this is a capital idea. But first, let us let Ms. Falana explain.

So here’s the thing: We don’t know what the people of Europe want. We’ve never even been to Europe. Japan? Yes. Europe? No. Not that we claim to know what the people of Japan want, either (we’re inclined to think it’s more than Loudness).

But really, here’s the thing: We don’t know what Shana Falana wants, either. Except that we do; she wants to go to Europe.

What we mean to say is, we don’t know what Shana Falana REALLY wants. Except that we do; she REALLY wants to go to Europe.

But really, REALLY, here’s the thing: We just happen to think Shana Falana is great. Exceptionally great. Revolt of the Apes “Band of the Week” great. And if she wants to go to Europe, then we’re inclined to help out in whatever way we can, big or small (read: small). Because we’re more than a little infatuated with the music made by Shana Falana, music that once seemed to be born fully formed, perfect and undeniable.

And yet it’s our support of sending Shana Falana to Europe that has clarified what – if we’re being honest with ourselves – we knew from the very start: that her music is not and has not ever been born fully formed, despite it often being perfect and undeniable. Shana Falana has been has been at this for years: expressing herself, refreshing herself, challenging herself, forgetting herself, remembering herself and (thankfully) recording herself. It’s for this very reason that we respond so immediately, so completely, so clearly to the sounds she makes. Shana Falana is a work in progress, always. Who would want anything else?

Well. If you do want something else, you’re in luck. Your support of sending Shana Falana to Europe can result in a copy of a truly unique listening experience, entitled “Shana Falana Sings Herself to Sleep.” Once again, let us let Ms. Falana explain:

“Shana Falana Sings Herself to Sleep … (available as a digital download and limited edition red cassette) is a living document of the mid-1990’s San Francisco music scene that I grew up in. Since last spring, Mike (my drummer/partner) and I have been painstakingly digitizing and compiling dozens of my old tapes into a 60-minute suite that partakes in the lo-fi crunch of its era (think Daniel Johnston, early Beck). The collage of demos, field recordings, and early studio cuts are tied together by my ‘audio diaries,’ which I recorded on my handheld tape recorder while … taking a bath … listening to Native American music … things like that. ALL of my different bands are represented here: 90s grunge with Thundersuite (my two piece band with Jen Shagawat of Shellshag), there are two tracks produced by Kelley Stoltz (Sub Pop, Third Man Records) who I also used to drum for, my self-help singalong group The Wonder Sisters, and the Bulgarian women’s choir I helped organize, known as Handmaiden America.

In 2003 I relocated to New York City ‘to be closer to Europe.’ I’ve included a few tracks from that time as well, including “Gone” by Skirt (a two-piece dream-pop project that I instantly fell into) because it is such a clear link from my San Francisco days to what I am currently recording. As I explain in the campaign video, the necessary promotional pieces (press, radio, booking agent) have been put into place for us to make the trip overseas. Now all we need is the funding. That’s where the tape comes in!”

And that’s where you come in. Let’s send Shana Falana to Europe … but let’s hope she comes back home, too.


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