3 Feb

Revolt of the Apes’ interview with Temples is up now at the official Austin Psych Fest 2014 website. Read the entire interview there, and look for the complete text to show up here in the very near future. Here’s an excerpt:

What do you find most pleasing about playing live with Temples? Can you think of any bands or artists to whom you would give credit for inspiring you to move forward with performing as well as recording, after having seen them live? What was it about that performance that was so compelling to you? What do you like most about going to gigs not as a performer, but an attendee?

In the studio we have such a concise process of recording, there’s no strict formula, but once a song is recorded down it captured in a period of time. Live is the complete opposite, it’s a totally unknown field, the music turns from iron-cast into a living and breathing being. I think it’s taking our songs from the comfort of the studio into that unknown which makes them so pleasing to play. Our label mates TOY are incredible live. It’s very instinctive and they’re always exhilarating to watch. They really create a wall of sound and they move together as one, which is definitely a divine art of live music, seeing a band working together as one big machine.

Strictly sonically speaking, what do you think you’ve been able to achieve with Temples that may have eluded you in previous musical endeavors? Was this something a sound that you specifically aimed to achieve – or more of a case of being pleasantly surprised by the result of your actions and collaboration?

The group initially started as a recording project, so we’ve always had quite a strong idea as to how what we wanted our music to sound. We’re fans of producers as much as bands, so it’s something we consider as much in our songwriting as the music or lyrics. Because of this, we’ve recorded everything ourselves, which gave us complete freedom to figure a sound for each song, and it also works out well when you have no money. In many ways you could say we’ve approached the whole process backwards; we uploaded some songs that were born and bred in the studio, then tried to figure out how we’d play them live.


Revolt of the Apes is pleased, stoked and chuffed to support Austin Psych Fest 2014 through a series of interviews with many of the artists involved, answering the kind of ridiculous questions you’ve come to know and – maybe – love. Many more coming soon.


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