9 Mar

Listen: It very well may be that there’s nothing we can do, say or write to compel you to listen to Negra Branca, to turn off your mind, relax and float down, up and all-around the everlasting stream.

 photo 2d89cbd441aafae10cc6a6961269c1a9_zps188358bc.jpg

The point is not to compel. There probably is no point. And if by chance there is a point, we don’t know how to show it. Because we don’t know much about Negra Branca, except that it is the project of Marlene Ribeiro, long-time member of the essentially member-less, barrier-less Gnod, our love for whom is longstanding and immense, whom, not coincidentally, honor a free-form approach to both membership and sound and, not coincidentally, stand as our human-enough physical representation of our alien concept of music that we hear as exceptional and inspiring. Which is to say that Gnod is fucking awesome.

Coincidentally, it’s no coincidence that the debut Negra Branca release is likewise exceptional and inspiring. And really fucking cool, too. But there’s no point in pointing that out. You can just listen – at dawn, at noon, the moon hanging low, the moon hanging high. Good friends, we mean to say that the sounds we hear on this Negra Branca album exist outside of time. Put it on repeat, and repeat as needed. This is perfect.

Negra Branca’s debut release is available from Tesla Tapes, along with a healthy heaping helping of other zany sounds.

“The Landscape is a space of possibilities. It has geography and topography with hills, valleys, flat plains, deep trenches, mountains and mountain passes. But unlike an ordinary landscape, it isn’t three-dimensional. The landscape has hundreds, maybe thousands of dimensions.”

Leonard Susskind, “The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design”


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