27 Mar

Revolt of the Apes’ interview with Medicineis up now at the official Austin Psych Fest 2014 website. Read the entire interview there, and look for the complete text to show up here in the very near future. Here’s an excerpt:

Can you recall the first time you consciously felt “healed” by the act of listening to a specific band or a specific album? What was it about that music that impacted you so greatly at that time? Has your overall impression of this music – either in general or of its “healing” capabilities in particular – evolved over the years?

Ah, I see what you’ve done there. I would say that I love and respect music in and of itself too much to look to it for any sort of practical use. Certainly music can be used for both good and bad, therapy and torture. Do either truly honor the most high and mysterious of all art forms ? My taste may have evolved over time, but I’ve never stopped loving any music that I’ve ever loved.

What is an aspect of making music in 2014 that you perhaps take for granted today, but would have been nearly unimaginable for you during the earliest days of Medicine? How do you think this change has benefited you? What is one aspect of making music that you would love to accomplish, but seems to continue to elude you still to this day?

The computer and all of its digital elasticity, of course. Which has benefited us tremendously. We no longer need to spend 50 grand to make an album like we used to have to do back in the 90′s. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to do a huge amount of different things with music and to follow nearly every whim I’ve ever had. I just always want to get better at it.


Revolt of the Apes is pleased, stoked and chuffed to support Austin Psych Fest 2014 through a series of interviews with many of the artists involved, answering the kind of ridiculous questions you’ve come to know and – maybe – love. Many more coming soon.


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