21 Aug

Throughout the stunning six-song debut from the super-sonic, solar-centric Austin, TX, cosmic collective known as The Golden Dawn Arkestra, the intent feels solidly unambiguous. “Come and join us” goes the call, both directly and discreetly. Manifesting itself in the form of album-as-invitation, this Arkestra offers an overture that’s both unassailable and undeniable.

 photo FFF15908-1A0D-43DC-9688-BEF70558E8B8_zps1d9gkitp.jpg

“Come and join us,” coos the Arkestra as they unfurl their bananas banner of interplanetary influences, under which we find the rhythm, the raga, the bop, the hop, the surf, the skank, the keys, the space-bass in your face, the sound of the funky drummer(s) and an absolutely magical, possibly inhuman horn section that couldn’t play a bum note if they tried. Forget one nation – this is the sound of the ten-thousand universes, wrapped tight under a million grooves.

“Come and join us,” is the enticement unleashed by The Golden Dawn Arkestra, heard clearly on the opening invocation, “Afropocalypse. The opening seconds are momentarily, solidly spooky (an entrance appropriate for a delicately-dancing Vincent Price), before the wheel turns and we’re thrust directly into a grandly grinding, slinky, serpentine slice of swagger – The Selecter by way of Saturn, all hail Ra and a “Rama-Lama-Fa-Fa-Fa,” too. The invitation has been made.

“Come and join us,” stands the invitation from The Golden Dawn Arkestra, though by the time the musical mirage known as “Oasis (The Legend of Nathanial Horne)” dissolves seamlessly into “Dimensions,” the listener may have the distinct feeling that they’ve entered into an alternate dimension. And you have. There’s no need to accept the kind invitation of the Arkestra – you’ve been along for the ride the entire time. Welcome aboard, shipmate.

The debut release from The Golden Dawn Arkestra is available here.


“However young,

The seeker who sets out upon the way

Shines bright over the world.


But day and night

The one who is awake

Shines in the radiance of the spirit.



Live purely.

Be quiet.

Do your work, with mastery.


Like the moon,

Come out from behind the clouds!


—From the Dhammapada


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