11 Nov

Every time we hear the name Wild Wild Wets, we smile. Wild, wild smiles. We don’t know why.


We do know that we stumbled upon these Californian’s seven-inch, “Criminal Blue,” some months ago, and that makes us smile, too, particularly the track “Totem,” three-and-a-half minutes of musing masquerading as purring pop perfection. What is there to not smile about?

So how could we not smile when we heard the news that Wild Wild Wets are taking the elevator up to the “14th Floor,” the title – and title track – of their upcoming full-length debut? We may have even smiled more than the time we heard that two of the cats from Wild Wild Wets have a side-project called Jeans Wilder.

So smile along to the video for “14th Floor,” a track perhaps more criminally catchy than anything we’ve heard from Wild Wild Wets thus far, particular in the form of the utterly intoxicating backing ahhh-ahhh’s. We took the “14th Floor” to the seventh heaven of smiles, courtesy of Wild Wild Wets, dude.


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