31 Mar

As charming and colorful as their music, a beautiful new animated video from Lejonsläktet has emerged, for the song “Skogsvandringar,” and we’re happy to share it with you here.

In some ways, it’s difficult to believe it’s been nearly a year since we tagged Lejonsläktet with our difficult-to-shake “Band of the Week” designation (a curse as much as a blessing, it would seem). Certainly, we feel like Lejonsläktet are still a “new” band, and one whose debut five-song EP from this past year – “In Och Ut” – still has many, many more ears to reach.

Yet there’s something so utterly timeless about the music of Lejonsläktet – not for nothing did we declare “In Och Ut” to be “perfect” – that it’s hard to track their movements in the traditional, linear manner, and the video for “Skogsvandringar” is as pleasing to the eyes as the band’s forest-born, foreboding folk is to our ears. Make no mistake about it – Lejonsläktet make magic sounds. Little wonder then that the always excellent Trouble In Mind Records will release the Swedes’ first vinyl release later this month, with the seven-inch of “Väderkvarn” b/w “Trygghetens Rus.” We highly recommend taking a hike with Lejonsläktet, anytime you can.


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