28 Jan

Good things come in threes, someone said. That’s why we have recently imbibed three bottles of NyQuil. Expecting good things, we present three links of interest from three of our allies in revolt.

A previous “Band of the Week” victim, the sounds of the Serpentina Satelite certainly originate at the seventh ring of Saturn, with the transmission translated into towering tunes by a collection of astro-acid-nauts from Peru.

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In the realm of more earthly matters, the band requests that their music be spread even more widely, establishing their own Mediafire links for two of their monumental releases in their entirety – the EP “Nothing to Say” and the 2010 full-length mindbender, “Mecanica Celeste” – and encouraging all to download, enjoy and spread deliberately throughout the universe, like a slithering, sonic serpent.

Why? To paraphrase the band, they are doing this “in an effort to continue sharing the music for free and say fuck off to all the shit going on nowadays on the net.” But also … because … YOU ARE SERPENTINA SATELITE.

Download the entire “Mecanica Celeste” LP by Serpentina Satelite

Download the entire “Something to Say” EP by Serpentina Satelite 

Also back on earth – well, Seattle … but close enough – are our old friends MIDDAY VEIL. We nearly lost our mind when  first introduced to the band’s debut album, “Eyes All Around,” late in 2010, and have been dreaming of the existence and appearance of a follow-up ever since. Our tangerine dream has nearly come to citrus fruition, as the band is in the final mix stage of their Randall Dunn produced sophomore seance, entitled “The Current.”

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More currently – though likely passed by the time you’re reading this – we see two of the band members take shape as Hair and Space Museum, in order to take to the shape of the Space D’Om. Were we not currently sick and currently 3,000 miles away, we would be inside this dome. In fact, maybe we already are.

While we wait for “The Current” to wash over us in its proper fashion, we recommend taking all 14:51 of “Naxos” to your own dome, repeatedly.

Finally, we want to express our thanks to four fabulous bands from our homebase of Richmond, VA – Sonic Nectar, Palindrone, Peace Beast and Boney Loner and The Scared Teachers – not only for playing the kind of music that makes us proud to have Richmond, VA, as our homebase, but for allowing the Revolt of the Apes “ape-scapes” to fill the air in-between their sets. We’re pretty in love with all of them, for a variety of reasons, but want to point particular attention toward the beautiful new Palindrone t-shirt design – peace be da journey, indeed.

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Start your journey by downloading the excellent and most memorable six-song cassette from Palindrone at the link below.

Download six superb songs from those peaceniks, Palindrone.

“It is a great misfortune to be alone, my friends; and it must be believed that solitude can quickly destroy reason.” – “Jumpin'” Jules Verne, “The Mysterious Island


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