29 Jan

There’s less than an ounce of our being that believes we can properly explain the music of April in the Orange – explanation being an effort notably more strenuous than description.

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For a description, we will be safe in declaring April in the Orange a magickal combination of fine forest folk and cosmically constructed drone.

For a description, we need look no further than the subhead provided by the duo itself at their online home – “April in the Orange, or autumnal psychedelia and the anachronistic devotion to the luminous void.”

For a description, we have no hesitation saying that the songs of April in the Orange – born on the mighty banks of the the Genesee river, living lyrically on their cassette entitled “When A River Meets the Sea” – represent absolutely breathtaking gems in that imaginary, jeweled throne of autumnal psychedelia, and divine droning devotionals to the luminous void.

Download “Sleeping Buffalo Grass” by April in the Orange

But an explanation of April in the Orange? Not today. Perhaps not ever. Not that we want it this way. We would love to tell you exactly why it is that a song like “Sleeping Buffalo Grass” fills us with a complex combination of comfort, longing and awe, why we feel as much energy in the chiming, charge of guitar that opens the song as we would in a million metallic marches, or even why it feels – just at the moment the song drifts toward domineering drone – that all the mysteries of the universe are just seconds away from being answered.

Of course, they never are. But the elation of those seconds will keep us listening to April in the Orange for many hours to come. Understood?

April in the Orange

April in the Orange at Soundcloud

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” – Hermann “Hawkwind” Hesse, Demian




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