18 May

What we don’t know about Babylon Sweethearts could fill a book. Not a very good book, of course, but a book that carries a title like, “We Know Nothing About Babylon Sweethearts Except That They’re from California and Their Music Made Us Drive at Dangerous Speeds.”

 photo 1063982f33a13089ef524a09095fbeda_zps524bcdb0.jpg

Of course, the music of Babylon Sweethearts (nor the weirdos behind it) didn’t actually make us do anything. Babylon Sweethearts simply made the music – the bone-breaking, fanny-shaking, frantically fuzz-fueled rock and/or roll music – and the rest was our karma, dude.

It was us, not them, that decided to roll the dice on their three-song cassette (the perfectly-titled “Full Stack – Heart Attack,” out on Ghoul House Records). It was us, not them, who then restlessly burned those three songs to CD (while assuming something else was being burned by Babylon Sweethearts), and took them for a drive, down the way of a sparsely-populated backroad in the creaky, cranky Central Virginia. And it was us, not them, who soon realized our velocity had gotten the better of us, resulting in the unwanted attention of the man with the radar gun. It was probably something about “Leave This Town” that tipped him off.

Who could blame him? The songs of Babylon Sweethearts certainly sound like they were conceived of while doing something illegal, or at least advocating something illegal, or at the very least, encouraging those listening to them to do or advocate something illegal. We fought the law and the law won, but we don’t blame Babylon Sweethearts. We know nothing about them, except that we love them. Loud is the law, sweetheart.

“Full Stack – Heart Attack” by Babylon Sweethearts  is out on cassette from Ghoul House Records. 

“Through the magic of reflecting on the teachings, their force—sometimes clear, sometimes obscure—will cause ferment in our minds from which we can gradually distill the wisdom of reflection. This requires discipline, but also bravery—the bravery to dig deep down to uncover our confusion.”

– Lama Jampa Thaye




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