3 Oct

This is the gospel according to Sean Gospel.

 photo C030778D-F8D4-4465-8599-D2186C60C5D8_zpsczxkpn5u.jpg

More accurately, these are a few kind words about “Heart Felters and Face Melters,” which is the gospel according to Sean Gospel, in the form of a cassette released by Ghoulhouse Records. What we get from this cassette – more accurately, from the five songs on the cassette – is not only what we’ve been promised (these sounds do sound heartfelt, indeed, and our face has fallen to the melt), but complete rock and roll satisfaction.

We can honestly say we know very close to nothing about Sean Gospel, apart from being similarly wowed by some of his label-sharing sweethearts, and apart from being somehow magnetically attracted to the mania of “Heart Felters and Face Melters” and its frayed and fierce fourteen minutes, delivering a new and improved cure for rock and roll pneumonia. (Similarly, we can honestly we know very close to nothing about gospel, and yet, over the past five years, this is with all likelihood the album that we’ve listened to the most – not that these apes are keeping track).

But as a Low-man on the totem pole once asked, “What more do you want?” The satisfaction we get from “Heart Felters and Face Melters” – satisfaction born of despair, satisfaction of the high that comes from the low, satisfaction spewed from dastardly, distorted guitars and criminally abused drum sets, satisfaction made electric by howling about black clouds and black magic – is a satisfaction that can hardly be described, and likely needn’t be, certainly not at the expense of experiencing it for yourself.

A two-three-four and we’re gone. “Rattle Shake Bop” is the Gospel. “Wolfman Jack” is the Gospel. “Don’t Haunt Me” is the Gospel. “Rayonna” is the Gospel. “Tila Nook” is the Gospel. This is the gospel of Sean Gospel. What more do you want?

 photo CE73B7D7-0DFB-4AEA-BC8C-7DDB45435531_zpssxjvktll.jpg

“Heart Felters and Face Melters” is available from Ghoulhouse Records.

“Q: What is the awakened state?

A: If I showed you it would you recognize it?

Q: Yes!

A: What more do you want?”

Albert Low, “What More Do You Want?”


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